Green tea Spa bar

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Everyone is use to pink Himalayan sea salt we decided to be exclusive and Try something new our Green Tea Spa Bar is made with lime sea salt, Aloe, tons of healing herbs, and which is a great exfoliant to take off extra debris after a long day. 

Gun powder green tea has a wide range of therapeutic properties that can benefit your skin in a variety of ways. Some of the most important benefits include the following 

The vitamins in green tea spa Bar especially vitamin B-2, can also keep your skin looking more youthful. Vitamin B-2 has the ability to maintain collagen levels, which can improve the firmness of your skin. 

Reduces redness and irritation

Green tea also has anti inflammatory 

Properties. This is due to the tea’s high content of polyphenols.

Salt absorbs dirt, grime, and toxins and cleanses your skin's pores deeply. Salt's mineral content helps restore the protective barrier in skin and helps it hold hydration.