Orange quartz

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Creativity - Sexuality - Passion - Leaving the tribe

Occurs as separate Quartz crystals, like Clear Quartz�s, but very orange! The orange varies from red-ish orange, through bright, to fairly light orange, similar to the inside of the fruit itself. The quartz crystals are coloured like this because of microfine iron deposits included within the mineral fluids.

A great healer and balancer of the Sacral (2nd) chakra, Orange quartz promotes the healthy balance of sexual and creative interests. It energizes the second chakra to convey higher levels of clear vitality and creativity into the higher chakras.

As well as divine inspiration coming down from the higher chakras, we bring vitalising energy from Mother Earth throught the Base (1st) chakra and into the Sacral (2nd) chakra. Here it translates into everything we associate with creativity, both creating new life, work and art. It is here in our auras that we store every to do with our sex lives and sexuality.

Orange Quartz balances the over-active or under-active Sacral Chakra. It provides release from unwanted patterns to do with sexuality, and creativity. An unbalanced Sacral chakra can cause either an over/under-active sex drive, and similarly an over/under - active creative side. This is because the chakra is either too open or closed.

Helps to heal any issue link with the abdomen, reproductive system and relieves lower back pain.

Please also see Clear Quartz summary for much more information about Quartz properties.