Tooth powder

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All natural tooth powder made with neem powder, bentonite clay & Oregano powder. 

Why Use a Tooth Powder instead of Toothpaste?

Tooth powders, because of their form, don’t require the additives and preservatives that creamy toothpastes need to have the right texture. That alone eliminates many unnecessary ingredients. By keeping it simple and only including ingredients that are beneficial to the teeth and gums, tooth powders are more effective and are a safer option for adults and children.


What’s Wrong with Conventional Toothpaste?

In our search for a healthier and more effective option, we learned that modern toothpastes are filled with ingredients to enhance the look, the taste and the ease of use, but are actually harmful to our teeth and gums.

  • Glycerin, for example, an ingredient in most toothpastes coats our teeth and prevents the natural process of remineralization, which is needed to keep our teeth healthy and strong.

  • Fluoride, known as a toxic ingredient, as well as artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners do little for our teeth and gums, yet are found in most leading toothpaste brands.