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Green tea is the most wonderful drink! The tiny green leaves can help people fight off many of the most feared enemies of health in modern times: cancer, heart disease, and diabetes Green tea helps prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, clean the clots in the artery, burn more calories to help people control their weight, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, Sugar and blood pressure, flight flu, slow aging, protect teeth, strengthen bones, boost immunity and memory, 

enhance physical performance, relieve stress, enhance work efficiency, and purify the body of pollutions,

Negative effects. Real green tea makes you more energetic and clear-minded. Real green tea makes you feel 

great! Most people now know something about green tea’s health benefits, and many people want to enjoy the good 

health promised by drinking green tea. There’s just one problem: only a few places in the US carry real green 

tea, and only a few people are really reaping the health benefits. Most “green tea” available here in the US is not 

green tea at all! Such tea just uses the name “green tea” to sound healthy, but actually confers few of real green 

tea’s health benefits.


  • Let’s start drinking green tea.
  • Let’s drink green tea every day
  • to make ourselves healthier,
  • to make our life more enjoyable,
  • to make our family happier,
  • to make the world better!